Johnson County Property Investors

Next meeting is April 5th

Meet and greet with our Magistrate Judge Douglas Cummings.  Don't miss your opportunity to meet our new Judge.

Looking for topics.  Let me know what is on your mind

Gang,  For those who were not at our last meeting we have rescheduled our JCPI meetings to every third month.  As our survey showed and after talking to many of you; time is important, information is wanted immediately, and with the Internet traditional ways of disseminating information has changed. Therefore, we have decided to schedule our public meetings in the months of March, June, September, and December.

We are in the process of enlarging our website so you can go there for quick info and hopefully use our public meetings as a means of socially and informatively interact with each other.  We are asking for your input on this new scheduling and how we can better keep you informed.

Mark your calendar, ipod, ipad, computer, tablet, smart phone, Dick Tracy watch or post it. ;)

Remember we are only as strong as our membership.

Looking for a meeting topic or speaker.  

Contact me with your thoughts.

Come join us and make our Association strong.